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The new technology

The cotton、Hemp、Silk、Wool and other natural fiber

And polyester、Nitrile、Sticky、Polyamide fiber, artificial fiber mixing

The new process

Production process is simple、Not easy to fade,Than the traditional

Process water saving emission reduction50%The above

The new material

Green color fiber、Environmental protection line of colored spun yarn、

Environmental protection more fibre blended yarn

The new product

Color variety、Functional diversity、

Differentiation and varied

Chardonnay textile center
Chuzhou chardonnay guest green color spinning operation scene

Chardonnay environmental profile

Chuzhou chardonnay guest green color spinning co., LTD. Is China's oldest、One of the leading enterprises in the industrial chain is the most complete line of colored spun yarn。Company has chuzhou huanggang chardonnay chardonnay guest and guest owns two production bases,Covers an area of1000Mu,It happened25Thousands of ingot and produce3No color dyed yarn ten thousand tons of production scale,Employees1600People。The company now has become the most complete specifications、Colour is one of the most abundant environmental protection line of colored spun yarn、The production base of environmental protection more fibre blended yarn,Is to have6Big series of products、2000A number of varieties of color“The supermarket”。Products are exported to Europe and the United States、Japan and South Korea、West Asia、Southeast Asia and other countries and regions,Enjoys a high international reputation。The company has won China's first environmental protection product quality trustworthy key brands,Has been granted“China's environmental protection industry association member”And“Fashion colour application demonstration base in China”Industries such as qualifications。 The male...
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Chuzhou chardonnay2017In the first half of the production of commendation congress is held ceremoniously

Chuzhou chardonnay2017In the first half of the production of commendation congress is held ceremoniously
For a comprehensive summary2017In the first half of the year,For production line advanced collectives and individuals,In chuzhou chardonnay guest company8Month23In the training center was held on the second floor2017In the first half of the production assembly。Special guest Zhu Daowu、Yang Liangjun vi and the head of the company, etc、All all the individual and collective、Each department head、A line worker delegate total70Many people attended the meeting。Congress shall be presided over by vi, the general manager of our company。 At the meeting,Company general manager comrade vi as in the first place...
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