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Name of ticketsUse of timeThe original priceReservation priceSave immediatelyTerms of paymentOnline reservation
Water rubik's cube evening tickets 110Yuan/Zhang10Yuan/Zhang15Yuan/Zhang15Yuan/ZhangPayment of the scenic spot
Water rubik's cube tickets during the day130Yuan/Zhang10Yuan/Zhang12Yuan/Zhang15Yuan/ZhangPayment of the scenic spot
Water rubik's cube evening group ticketsFrom Monday to Sunday10Yuan/Zhang88Yuan/Zhang22Yuan/ZhangOnline payment

Tickets online booking and payment,By SMS electronic ticket at the ticket window to collect the tickets of the scenic spot;An evening hours:Every day17:00-22:00
Friday to Sunday evening electronic tickets need to add10Yuan/People,The size of the same price;An evening17:00Start into the garden。
1.2Children under m free,Free people must have a full price ticket accompanied by adult,Each holder with adults1Children eligible persons。
Water rubik's cube for use of locker,If you want to use more wardrobe,Water cube will charge the rent20Yuan/Ark,Please kindly understand;
In order to ensure the quality of health,Tourists have banned food and beverage,Can be a meal in the designated area in the park;
The park has no cash,Cash can be filled in the locker key card,Used for consumption in the industrial park;
The scenic area preferential tickets sold,Not giving a refund or an exchange,Please pay special attention to when buying。

Introduction to the story

      Chongqing story international tourist resort is located in jiulongpo district,Is the countryAAAAScenic areas,From CanadaFORRECPlanning and design companies,In2008Years of construction,Has invested16One hundred million yuan,Throughout the year2009Years to build the business“Story•The magic mountain”、“Story•The water cube”Two major theme park,Is the scale of investment in chongqing is the largest、The most advanced modern theme park。
      Story•The magic mountain,Is China's only combine local culture with the international top amusement equipment“The Chinese own theme park”,Rivers, traditional folk culture and the advanced amusement equipment perfect combination,Financial participation、To watch、Entertaining、Interesting in a body。Park has many international advanced amusement equipment:China's first multidimensional rolling equipment——“The waves rolled”;China's first superposition type rotary amusement equipment——“Mill speed”;China's first big claw type pendulum——“The thunder”Dozens of such as for young and old、Rich and colorful amusement programs。
       Story•The water cube,Is a magic“Water”Culture as the theme,Undulating mountain form is also the only Chinese use planning the construction of large-scale water theme park。Park has splashing water roller coaster many international top、Leisure facilities:All of Asia's biggest tsunami surfing,Let tens of thousands of people at the same time and passion;A square meters of the country's largest sand beach,Let you never leave home enjoy the gold coast amorous feelings;The domestic first water roller coaster,Speed the sprint slide、Four tied for the race track、Rough set, etc,Allows you to fully appreciate sea adventure。More minority amorous feelings show、Pirates of the parade、Surfing skateboard show excellent interactive rendering for you。Paradise with HuaYan lake shore of magic mountain on the other side of the water,Two major theme park in photograph reflect...

Project facilities

  • Pictures of the scenic spotSwing an umbrella
  • Pictures of the scenic spotSpeed windmills
  • Pictures of the scenic spotMini around a cup
  • Pictures of the scenic spotMill speed
  • Pictures of the scenic spotChallenge tour
  • Pictures of the scenic spotThe waves rolled
  • Pictures of the scenic spotThe thunder
  • Pictures of the scenic spotThe pirate ship

Appreciate the picture

The address of the scenic spot:Chongqing municipality jiulongpo district jade qing temple story magic mountain resort area of chongqing Qr code,WeChat consultation
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